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How much do Hot Funk cost?

There are many factors that effect our quotes such as location, set lengths, set up and finish times and any ‘extra’ options you may chose. Every wedding/event is individual so we don’t always have a set cost so please get in touch and tell us about your plans and we will put a quote together for you.

What do I need to provide for Hot Funk at my event?

We will require adequate power points to accommodate our PA and lighting. If your venue is a marquee you may need to hire a separate generator.

As a wedding function band can be out on the road for long hours, sometimes 12, the band welcome some food and drinks, although not essential. We do like to be as an energetic and spritely as possible throughout our performances and working on an empty stomach doesn’t really work to achieve this.

Hot Funk also require somewhere to change into our stage outfits (definitely not the toilets) and it would be ideal if this room was somewhere that the band can chill out in so that we are not hanging around your guests!

What will Hot Funk wear?

We always dress to impress! The guys are always smart in suits and ties or a more casual version of a suit. Helen has an array of stage wear and will change for each set. On request outfits can be colour coordinated to match a theme or you may request for us to not wear the same colour as the bridesmaids!!

Can we request songs for a first dance?

We are more than happy to learn and perform a song for your first dance providing that it one that is suitable to be created by our line up to a high standard. There are some songs that have a high amount or electronics and production that just don’t work live. If your choice is one of these we will happily play your song through out PA from laptop.

Where are Hot Funk based?

We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire however we are available to perform at events across the UK and abroad.

Can I see Hot Funk perform before I book?

Our work is mainly private weddings and functions which unfortunately don’t have public viewing. On the odd occasion we may have a public viewing, you can find out about these on our facebook page www.facebook.com/hotfunkband

We do have promo packs available including MP3 tracks, video and photos. You can also read our testimonial page to find out what our previous clients thought of our performances.

Do Hot Funk have insurance?

Yes, We are insured via Equity up to £10million pounds.

Is your equipment PAT tested?

All equipment if fully PAT tested and certificates can be provided on request should you venue require them.

Do you offer any other band line up?

The best Hot Funk sound comes from the full 8 piece band however we appreciate that this can not always be accommodated for various reasons. With this in mind we can offer smaller line ups where we will utilize backing tracks to fill out the sound to compensate for the missing instruments. Its not the most authentic however it is a great compromise if the 8 piece just isn’t possible.

What music do you play before, between and after sets?

Although we have an extensive library of music available on our laptop it would be ideal if you have any particular songs or music in mind so that we can have it downloaded. You can also provide your own playlist if you would prefer. If you opt for the extra DJ service then requests can be made direct to the DJ that we arrange for your event.

The venue have said they have a sound limiter, can Hot Funk still play?

Our sound engineer will arrange our sound to be within the parameters of a sound limiter however we do need to be notified of this in advance.

Can the band arrive earlier than 6.00 pm or finish after midnight?

We try to work within the standard time frames however we do always try to be as flexible as possible, so just let us know your requirements and we will tell you what we can do.

What happens if a band member is ill on the day of my function?

We are all networked musicians who have contacts and dep musician lists to call upon should anyone fall ill. Should the situation arise then a dep musician would be booked and they would either know the songs in advance or be provided with the music charts to play from. We have it covered!!

How much space does a band need?

We will try to squeeze into what space you have however this would obviously compromise the image of an 8 piece band. When assessing the space you must try to visualize 8 musicians along with musical equipment and PA system. The area must be level, safe and not open to the weather. If you are not sure then call us to discuss it.

How long does the band take to set up?

Depending on the size of the stage, it takes us about an hour to set up. We will always be as quick and discreet as possible and sound checks can be timed to an appropriate time should it be required.

What is the band’s performance schedule?

We normally perform 2 x 45 minute sets (or 60min) which will provide you with ample live entertainment to keep the party going. We try to be as flexible as possible so it is no problem to arrange our sets around buffet times or cutting of cakes!! A normal start time for a first set is around 8:30pm or 9pm but each wedding is unique so it is up to you!!

Can I choose the Hot Funk play list for the evening?

We are very experienced in knowing just what works to keep an audience entertained and on the dance floor so although we welcome suggestions or ‘don’t play’ request we do ask that the final play list us left to us. There are many factors that bring a successful set list together and the majority of our songs are uniquely arranged to suit an 8 piece band with horn section or with backing tracks if it’s a smaller line up. We also have to consider key, genre and style to make sure that we maintain our high standards.

Can we use the PA system for speeches?

Of course you may use our equipment for speeches. All we ask is prior notice of at what point this will be to ensure a band member is there to take control of the PA and sound levels.

If you have any other questions that we haven’t covered here please get in touch and ask away!!